Pro Tools

Learn how to produce, mix and master in one of the music industries top digital audio workstations, Pro-Tools by Avid, guided by Emmy award winning TV Composer, Music Producer and Engineer Sonny King (Timothy Word)

Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering is one of the biggest keys to great sounding , professional music. We will discuss all aspects from mixing, to mastering and editing.

Music Production

Sonny will take you through every part of the production process step by step using the same tips and tricks he uses on some of the most popular TV shows and soundtracks in the world.

Music Business

As creators our passion is in the creation of music and we sometimes fail to understand the business side of the industry. This bonus section of the course will give you the tools needed to get your royalties and set your career up for success.

Producer Setup

You don't need an expensive studio to create great music. But having the correct tools can help you get started quicker and sound professional without breaking the bank.

Tips & Tricks

Throughout the course we discuss simple but valuable tools to help you make and mix your music faster and more efficient through mentorship from a veteran producer and composer.

Music Producer Bundle

The course also includes a Music Producer Bundle designed by Sonny King, which includes all the essential tools and resources you need to kickstart your music career.

The first component of the Music Producer Bundle is the custom-made drum loops. These loops are professionally recorded and curated to give you a wide range of drum patterns and styles to work with. Whether you're producing hip-hop, pop, r&b, or EDM, these drum loops will add depth and groove to your music.

In addition to the drum loops, the bundle also includes MIDI chord progressions. With these MIDI files, you can easily create melodic and harmonic structures for your compositions. The chord progressions are carefully crafted to provide you with the right balance of tension and release, giving your music a captivating and emotional quality.

Furthermore, the Music Producer Bundle offers MIDI drum samples that can be used to enhance your drum programming. These samples cover a variety of drum sounds, allowing you to create realistic and dynamic drum tracks. Whether you need punchy kicks, snappy snares, or shimmering cymbals, these MIDI drum samples have got you covered.

Lastly, the bundle includes Pro Tools Templates for music production and audio engineering. These templates provide you with a starting point for your projects, saving you time and effort. They are professionally designed and organized, featuring pre-configured tracks, routing, and effects chains. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, these templates will streamline your workflow and help you achieve professional-quality results.

Your Instructor, Sonny King

Also known as Sonny King in the music industry, Tim (he/him) is an Emmy-award-winning TV composer, music producer, songwriter, and professional audio engineer with over fifteen years of experience. Early in his career he was a signed recording artist with NVS Music Group and Universal Music Group touring and performing across the country. He's worked with major recording artists and super producers like Young Scooter, Grammy winner Fanatic (Beyoncé, Diddy), and many more. While working in some of the top recording studios in Atlanta and North Carolina, Tim realized his love for music production and formed the company Music by King Inc. Perfecting his mixing/mastering skills, he became a sought after engineer and producer throughout the east coast. He's also an accomplished TV and film composer working with popular TV productions, like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the NBA, Lizzo's Amazon TV series, and on major networks like Hulu and HBO Max. Tim has traveled internationally, co-producing, recording, and performing with famous Italian funk band Dirotta Su Cuba and appearing on the finale of Italy's reality TV show All Together Now in Rome. Tim is a five-time Global Music Award winner, four-time Intercontinental Music Award Winner, USA Songwriting Competition winner, a three-time Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee, and most recently became a voting member of the Recording Academy Grammys and an advocate for musicians rights. In July, Tim helped write the recently published book How to Write Better Songs: Songwriting Secrets from Award-Winning Songwriters along with several other award-winning songwriters including Scott Ashley.